5 Most eye-opening things for getting a storage unit on rent

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There are times when you need to vacate your old place on a specific deadline, but you yet have to find a place to move officially. You can get a place to stay for yourself and your family but what about all the things you had in your old abode? You need a place to store your belongings in a safe location.
But maybe that is not you and, we were talking about. You are that guy who likes to keep things in place but does not want to lose the temporarily unused items. A storage space steps forward in such situations.
However, renting a storage unit is not as simple as pick and book. You need to consider some basic things before finalizing the company to store your goods. What are they? Let’s find out in the following lines.

  • Make a booking as early as possible:

Yeah! Time is precious. With the modern lifestyle, moving has become a norm. Most jobs will require you to move at some point, some jobs more than the others. But once you find out that you will be moving in an estimated time duration, rent a storage unit.
These units come in all sizes and volumes. You can book the one which fits your requirements. With early booking, you will have higher chances of getting your desired unit. The increasing demand for storage units is the main factor to book early because they do run out.

  • Check if the storage unit has climate control:

You do not want to book a place and leave your extra luggage there till you need it again. Because weather conditions like rain, moisture and humidity can cause more damage than you can imagine. If you are using the unit for safekeeping of your belongings till you move to your destination (in most cases, that’s what you are doing here), then ask the company you choose to provide you with a unit which has climate control feature.
Spend a little more on your valuables like furniture, photo albums, electronics, antiques and other items of high value. You will not regret it.

  • Ask in detail about items which are prohibited from storing:

Each storage company has different rules about stuff which you can store or not keep inside the unit. These are generally items which might cause alarm or be hazardous to the company`s reputation or surrounding communities.
It is quite understandable that illegal items, firecrackers, hazardous materials, and flammable substances lie in the banned category for sure. But it is never a bad idea to be safe. So check with the company people to know what not to keep in your storage unit.

  • Security measures should be vigilant in the storage area:

Coming back to the fundamental question of why exactly are you renting a storage unit in the first place?
To keep your things safe, of course.
It is the safety you need from your storage providers. Ask them about the security systems and measures which they take to keep your things secure from burglars and other hazards. The most important security features for a storage unit are the use of a boundary or gate (minimizing the access points to the storage area), video surveillance through CCTV cameras (well maintained and up-to-date equipment), 24-hour manual security through guards and independently alarmed storage units for some added protection.
If you still have concerns about the safety of your things, you can ask the company if they have fire alarms and smoke detectors in the units or the storage boundary.

  • Avail full benefit of free services of the storage provider:

A storage facility is a business at the end of the day; their success depends on quality service. They will make sure that you are a happy client. There are some storage companies out there who provide full services including luggage transportation and loading/unloading services. Avail these services in full and save the extra money.
You might need trucks with proper padding during the transportation or a trolley for moving heavy and bulky items. Try looking for a company which provides all such services. It will save you money and time since you will not have to hire different people for the move. Platinum Moving San Diego is one such company which can help you with a one-stop solution to all the move relating processes.

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